Sunday, March 28, 2010

Some anticipation and some spicy curry

Pin It Now! Another weekend goes by. I had a very lazy weekend this week. Did not do anything much except anticipating some good times. Anticipation I did and actually lots of it !
It so happens that my sister visits us next week all the way from India that too for a month.I am really looking forward to having some girly times with her. All those sisterly conversations, some company in kitchen and whole lot of shopping.How exciting is that !

In between all the anticipation however I did manage to make some spicy fish curry. I used this recipe from the blog Fork-Spoon-Knife by Asha Pagdiwalla.
Fish Curry

I followed the recipe very closely.Even the step of not opening the lid till serving time. The curry had distinct south-indian flavors from the urad dal and the fennel seeds. The tangy-ness of the tomato and tamarind compliments very well with the garlic and fennel seeds.Its one of those homely curries perfect for a sunday lunch.It tasted great with some rotis and rice.
Though I did use fish in the Meen Kozhambu I am sure it will taste great with some potatoes or eggplant as she suggests it.
Thanks Asha for sharing your mom's recipe !

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