Who am I ?

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I am Suparna Shaligram-Apte and welcome to my food blog. I hope you enjoy some of the flavors from my Spice Rack.

I am originally from Pune,India - The Oxford of the East,a city epitomizing Marathi cuture, and home to the famous pithla-bhakri, modaks and puranpolis. I am currently settled at Houston ,Texas with my husband and one precious 1 year old toddler.

I inherited the love for cooking from my mother - An adorable cook. I still admire the way she kept the house running, taking care of individual food habits. And as they say one who can run a kitchen can run a world. How true ! She rules our hearts even today.

As for me,the kitchen's my lab and the recipes my experiments. This blog - A chronicle of many of such experiments. Though I always loved cooking, baking is a more recent passion. I discovered that most of the baked goods sold at grocery stores were loaded with fat and an enormous amount of sugar. Hence the quest for healthy bakes.

All the recipes on this blog are tried and tested in my kitchen. Some of them are from my favorite food blogs modified to suit our taste buds. You will also find many recipes with diverse ingredients and cooking techniques. Most of them a result of being part of this wonderful food-blogging community.

If you do try a recipe I would be delighted to know about it. Have a question about something on this blog ? Or just a hello, leave me a comment. All constructive comments are appreciated.No promotions or advertisements please !.

All the content in this blog  are mine, unless noted otherwise.Plagiarism is not welcome.

I hope you have fun browsing through my blog.

email - suparnashal@gmail.com