Saturday, March 13, 2010

Secret to Soft Parathas ...

Pin It Now! Yes, I think I found the way to making soft parathas..

In fact, parathas remind me of one of my favorite paratha places in Pune :- Chaitanya. A few years back I was a regular at  this place. Some 5 or 6 of were all huddled up around a small plastic round table meant for a group of 4. The chairs were all mismatched and squeaking. The place was cheap and the food, delicious. For a mere Rs10 you could get a 10inch paratha with curd.And while you waited for it  to arrive at your table you can catch up on some office/college gossip.That was the life of a carefree girl some years back.

I generally make some kind of parathas on saturday. It gives me the perfect opportunity to try various combinations and more importantly I get the time and patience to play with them. This time I made these mixed vegetable parathas that were really soft and tasty.

The recipe is adapted from Tarla Dalal's book of Parathas . Its what I call the dictionary of parathas. There are endless varieties of parathas from the simple ones like all-in-one parathas to the more delicate and delectable stuffed parathas. I adore all those who can made delicious stuffed parathas.

 Mixed Vegetable Parathas

 This is how I made them : -

 1. Thaw 1C of mixed veggies ( frizen mixed veggies are thebest) and the blend them in a mixie. Add 2 green chillies (more if you want spicier) and blend till mixture is pasty. Ensure that carrot is also finely chopped.

2. Transfer to a bowl and add :-
     1 tsp ginger-garlic paste
      salt to taste
     1 tsp roasted and coursely ground cumin
     2 tbsp curds
     2 tbsp chickpea flour
     2 tsp oil
     Rub the above mixture till it resembles course bread crumbs.

 3. Now add -
     2C whole wheat flour (atta)
4. Add water bit by bit to form a stiff dough. Refrigerate overnight. The dough should not be loose since moisture developing after cooling will loosen it up further.

 5. I made parathas using this method. Keep the parathas warm by wrapping them in a towel or so.

 The curds and the chickpea flour make the parathas really soft. Serve with curds or a vegetable of your choice. I generally make the dough the night before since mornings are busy even on weekends.

These parathas go to Jivha for Breakfasts hosted by Veggie Platter an event started by Indira of Mahanandi.
The round up of this event is gonna be delicious. Thanks for hosting this event/.
 Cheers !


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