Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Quinoa Salad

Pin It Now! While browsing through several food blogs I noticed several recipes made with Quinoa. Most of the recipes emphasized its health benefits and rich protein content.
So on my recent trip to the grocery store i bought some quinoa (pronounced as keen-wah ).I loved the salad made at this site. It looked so colorful , fresh and super-simple. I followed the recipe closely though I had to omit some ingredients like olives,ginger and use cilantro instead of parsley. The recipe turned out great and made a satisfying meal.

The pressure cooker method to cook quinoa works great. We enjoyed the nutty texture which is something in between indian suji and soft white rice.When paired with some cooked chicken or oven-baked fish this makes a great meal for weeknights.

Hugs !

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