Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Happy Gudi Padwa with some Rava Ladoos

Pin It Now! Its Gudi Padwa the official start of the Marathi New Year.So here's wishing you a very happy gudi padwa.May this year be full of joy and success.
 To mark the new year I made some traditional marathi rava ladoos.There are some recipes that remind you of your roots.This is one of them.
 Rava Ladoos
I followed this recipe on youtube that uses microwave to roast the rava and make the syrup. After 4-6hours the mixture hardened so I added a splash of milk and  microwaved it for a minute.

After cooling it this time I was able to make ladoos easily.We enjoyed the ladoos for dinner yesterday.And yes they did take us back in time...

Catch you in a bit !

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