Friday, February 12, 2010

Tangy Mango Cilantro Chutney

Pin It Now! During my recent trip from the grocery store a few chilly arbol peppers made their way into our home.The ones at the market had a gorgeous green color that makes one want to use them instantly. But beware as these are really hot. Like I just needed one of them for this tangy mango chutney.

I make several different chutneys to be slathered on toasts or to go into wraps or as dipping sauce. Leftover chutneys are usually freezed into ice-cubes. That way I have my own dipping sauce whenever the mood  strikes.

Here's how I made it :-

In chutney blender add :
 1 chilly arbol pepper (or any other pepper of your choice)
  handful of cilantro leaves
  a handful of chopped mango
  groundnut  powder /groundnuts
  2 cloves of garlic
  1tsp  grated ginger
  salt to taste
   lemon juice a few drops
   pinch of sugar
   1 tsp cumin seeds
   shredded carrot
And that's it. Blend in and taste and adjust the seasonings to the desired spice level.The colour of chutney will vary depending on the quantity of ingredients. Add more cilantro for greener color.
I try to make my dips healthy by replceing some of the peanut powder with shredded carrots.
This tastes great and increases the nutritional value.
    We had ours with some rotis and vegetable. Leftovers will be used for breakfast tomorrow.
Have a great weekend !!

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