Saturday, February 27, 2010

Spinach Bread

Pin It Now! I love all types of bread.I mean what can be easier and faster than a great sandwich. For a few days now I was searching for a recipe of spinach bread. It yielded this recipe on What Did You Eat by Sherry.With nutmeg, garlic and feta cheese and lots of spinach this recipe was exactly what i wanted.
I made some changes though. Instead of all-purpose flour I used bread flour. I reduced the amount of feta cheese and nutmeg since I though it would make it a bit too salty.
The bread turned out nice and crusty with a soft inside. Here is the loaf...

I made some nice chutney sandwiches with lettuce,green and red pepper and feta cheese. Made for a delicious saturday brunch. We enjoyed every bit of it !.

   Sherry of What did you eat also called it as Popeye Bread since the bread is soo 'spinachy..' . Its really sad that shes no longer amongst us. Sherry you will continue to love with your recipes.We miss you and your recipes.
    This bread goes to Susan's YeastSpotting a weekly event showcasing yeasted baked goodies.

Ciao !


Susan/Wild Yeast said...

The tiger-stripes of this loaf are really cool!

Mimi said...

I was also noticing the stripes in the bread. It sounds really delicious and I love the sandwich you made from it.

Joanne said...

What a great bread! Spinach and feta is such a classic combo...these must have made some flavorful sandwiches.

Suparna said...

Susan : Thank you !

Mimi : The sandwich was also a real hit at my place

Joanne : Yes it was really yummy..