Sunday, February 28, 2010

Punjabi Dal - A Comfort food

Pin It Now! Today is Holi the festival of colors. Happy Holi to everyone !! My mother tells me that she has made "Puran Poli" one of the most delicious,delicate and difficult of preparations in the Marathi cuisine. These polis cost around Rs 15 per poli in India but the ones made by her are ofcourse priceless.For these things alone how I wish I had been in India. If you are a person grown up in Maharashtra and specifically in city of Pune you will know what I mean...But alaas , we are here in US and here there are no puran-polis to be found....

Hey but we still have a lot of delicious food out here too... Like this punjabi dal. Another one added to my list of comfort foods. Its one of those recipes that are simple to make and make you feel at home.
Ok now on to the recipe. The recipe is adapted from this recipe on the blog As dear as Salt. I did not have chana dal at home so I substituted it with toor dal. It turned out delicious.
Folks you have to try this dal. It has this nice creamy texture, the kasuri methi giving it a different aroma and the cinnamon and bay leaf mingle very well to make a great combination! I have already made it twice this week and am sure making it again.

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