Monday, September 27, 2010

Savoury Snack - Kothimbir Wadi

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I love the way the Indian cuisine has all the elements of a complete meal. In the sense there is the spicy bhaji (vegetable) , the comforting varan-bhat and the crunchies like papads, wadis. Kothimbir or cilantro wadi is an all-time favourite with us, Maharashtrians.
A few weeks back we were invited for tea at a friends place. Her mom had made her version of cilantro wadi and was really kind to share the recipe with me. I tried this at home and it was liked by everyone (yes, that includes the toddler).
The first time I tried it another friend (you know who you are) dropped in. She requested the recipe sometime back. Here is the recipe for you dear friend.
Kothimbir Wadi 
Printable version of recipe here

What you need : -
5-6 C of cilantro leaves finely chopped ( measure before washing and chopping)
1C + a little bit more of chickpea flour
5 tbsp rice flour
2 tsp ginger-garlic paste
2 green chillies finely minced
2 tsp chilli powder
1 tsp turmeric
2 tsp sugar
juice of 1 lemon (dont skip this)
sesame seeds for garnish
oil to fry.
salt to taste
water as required

How To:-
  • In a bowl mix together cilantro, ginger-garlic paste,chillies,salt, chilli powder, turmeric, sugar and lemon juice. Mix with finger tips so that the cilantro is covered with the mixture.

  • Now add the chickpea flour and the rice flour. Add water little by little stirring so that the there are no lumps.

  • Taste and adjust seasoning.It should be slightly sour, sweet and somewhat spicy. Add more salt and other spices if required.

  • The mixture should be like a batter for bhajis(fritters). Add more flour if required. When you try to drop it with a spoon it should go drip, drip,drip. We will now cook this mixture in a pan.

  • In a non-stick kadai heat 3 tbsp of oil. When it heats up add a pinch of asafoetida(hing) and let it sizzle. Then add the chickpea mixture to it. There might be spluttering so watch out.

  • Keep stirring this mixture so that there are no lumps. It will start coming together. Scrape the sides of  the kadai if the batter sticks to it.Simmer and cover and cook for 5-7 min. At this stage the  mixture will be an unruly mass that is difficult to handle. Keep at it and it will all scrape and come together. Be prepared for a serious arm workout.:)
  • Uncover and taste. If the mixture has cooked there will be no raw smell and taste.Allow to cool.
  • When mixture is warm enough to handle drop it onto a flat plate lined with oil.
  • Spread it and press firmly. Spread some seasame seeds if you like
Cut into squares.Shallow fry these squares. Serve with ketchup.

When hot, the wadis will be delicate to handle. They will harden a bit when cooled slightly.

At first the recipe may seem a bit lengthy and complicated. But its actually not. I found the recipe very versatle and forgiving in terms of the ratios of the ingredients. The cut wadis can be refridgerated and fried at a later stage. I ususally make a big batch that I can shallow fry later.
And like I said earlier,the two men in the house could not get their hands off it, specially the older one. Very very addicting.....

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