Saturday, September 18, 2010

Modak for Ganpati Bappa

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Every year this time I want to be home, in Pune, amidst the Ganpati festival, participating in the evening aarti and enjoying mom-made modaks with dollops of ghee. My sister and I were the prep-cooks in the house and along the way we got some very useful cooking lessons.

 Army of Modaks .....
'Ukdiche modaks' was one of things my mom and we sisters learned together. When aai learned that a neighbour aaji makes fabulous ukdiche modak she immediately asked her to demonstrate it. Neighbour aaji oblidged and we tried it together in our kitchen. Then one day we saw these things a.k.a moulds in TulsiBagh ( shopping market in Pune ). They looked unusual and did not come with any instructions on how to use them.

Modaks in the making.....
 Anyways since it was only a few bucks we bought it. And then got working on it in the kitchen. After a few attempts we were finally able to churn out a perfect modak.

 Ready to be steamed
 I make them at least once during the 10 days when Bappa is home. My way of saying thank you.

Modak for Ganpati Bappa
 Ganpati Bappa !! Morya !!!

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Soma said...

These are really cute! I have never seen these molds before.