Friday, July 30, 2010

No-Cook Strawberry Icecream

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Motherhood is rewarding and challenging in many ways. If you are a mother then am sure you will agree with me.
For me pregnancy was full of various emotions - joy,anxiety,nervousness and occasional bouts of depression. Before motherhood it was all about me and myself. Visits to the mall and eating out were a weekend ritual. I surprise myself these days how I do not enjoy these things any more. Shopping has now become an occasional activity. Eating out has been restricted to kid-friendly places.
I enjoy being home and playing with Aamod. His soft touch, his innocent actions and sneaky little grin all lighten up our home these days. With him around the house is in a chaotic state. But I absolutely do not mind it. We can find the strangest of things in the weirdest of places. Just yesterday I found my wireless mouse in the dish washer !!
Being a mother is a privilege though it does come with a fair share of hardwork.

One of my good neighbourhood  friends is stepping into the mommy world. A couple of friends and myself had a babyshower for her this week. My contribution was this luscious Strawberry Icecream. I love strawberry in any form. If you love fruit then this icecream is for you.

This no-cook egg-free icecream is inspired from this recipe on Kitchen Parade. For the amount of effort this one needs the results are gorgeous !.

Here's my version of it :-

1C whole milk
1/2C cream
4oz cream-cheese cut into chunks
16oz strawberries chopped
1C sugar ( you can reduce it to 3/4C if your strawberries are tart)
1tbsp lime juice

1. Blend all the ingredients in a blender. Freeze in an air-tight container.
2. Once the mixture starts freezing from the side then blend using an hand-blender.You can use an ice-cream maker at this stage. Repeat this step 3 times to avoid ice-crystals.
3. Tastes best as a soft serve.
 The original recipe called for 8oz cream-cheese though I just had 4oz on hand. This ice-cream bursts of strawberry flavor though is not as creamy as the mango ice cream I previously  posted. You can increase the quantity of cream to make it all the more creamy. It has nice pink color without any addition of additional food colors.

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