Saturday, August 21, 2010

A Versatile Grilled Sandwich

Pin It Now! Last week has been crazy. I was busy on the work and family front. I planned to post a recipe but did not quite get to it. Today's recipe is an all time favorite of ours. While we do like typical Indian meals on weeknights, I also try to break the monotony by making grilled sandwiches once a week.
A good sandwich starts with a GOOD BREAD. I repeat Good. Bread. Not grocery store bread. They become soggy and do not stand up to our chutneys. We love the breads at this and this bakery. These breads are both healthy and have a great taste. I particularly love the Tomato-Basil loaf.

There are several options for the sauce or chutney. I have used - Sun-dried tomato hummus, Basil pesto, Mango chutney,mint-cilantro chutney. All are equally delicious and healthy too.
We have also experimented with several toppings like - sun-dried tomato, slices of boiled egg, red-yellow-orange bell peppers.
The recipe I present today is a general method. Feel free to mix and match. You never know what you might like.

Recipe :-
 2 or more slices of bread
 Fillings- cucumber,spinach,red bell pepper
 Cheese - mozarella cut into strips or use cheese slices in deli section
 Chutney or Spread - sun-dried tomato hummus
  • Spread the chutney on the 2 slices. 
  • Place the spinach,cucumber and cheese on one of the slice. Top with the other.
  • Toast on both sides inntil the top is crispy using a non-stick griddle. . You can spray some oil or butter.

Great to pack into lunch-boxes.

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