Saturday, June 5, 2010

Madhur Jaffrey Style Chicken Korma

Pin It Now! I do not make chicken curry often. When I do I try to experiment with a different recipe each time. This time I tried this Chicken Korma from BongMom's Cookbook.

She has patiently narrated her vesion of the recipe along with orginal one which is by Madhur Jaffrey.
I was surprised to find that the curry did not use any form of tomato(paste or whole). The base of rich gravy was rather a paste of almonds and spiced up yoghurt.

I followed Madhur Jaffrey's recipe. The result was a mildly spicy yet flavourful curry.
We had it with some rotis and raita for a nice weekend meal.
Thank you BongMom for the recipe.

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Spice Rack said...

Wow your chicken Korma is so tempting and delicious I wonder if I could utilize some spices in my spice rack. great post!