Sunday, June 28, 2009

My first post - Mango Salad

Pin It Now! My first post on the blog.I have been procrastinating blogging for quite sometime now. No don't get me wrong. I love blogging. I have spent countless hours reading cooking blogs and trying out quite a few recipes. However now that I have a little one around i was doubtful if i will be able to give it time. However shoving aside this list of excuses I gathered some time to do my bit. Lets see how far i get.

Its summer time and the grocery stores are loaded with veggies.Wow..they look so colorful..!
I tried this recipe of Mango Salad posted by Nupur from One hot stove(Mango Salad). I made some slight modification to the recipe though, using the ingredients i had at hand. Here is my version of it.Thank you Nupur !
The salad was lip-smacking and my hubby simply loved it !!

Mango Salad

1 apple
1 mango
1 cup cantaloupe
1 cucumber
2 bell peppers (I used green and red)
1 tbsp lime juice
cilantro to garnish
Peel and cut the fruits.
Toss with salt, freshly ground pepper and lemon juice. Garnish with cilantro. Enjoy !!

The salad is refreshing on a hot summer afternoon and is really healthy too.
Thanks for reading !

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